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We chat to Richard Armitage about The : The Battle Of The Five Armies and Captain America Some have subsequently called the price (further financial subsidies and specific laws made for the producers' benefit) that Zealand had to pay to retain the movie 'extortionate' It was also argued that the discussion had occurred in a climate of 'hyperbole and hysteria'.[73] As it’s confirmed that Peter Jackson’s The will indeed be a trilogy its studios talk about the finances risks and thinking behind. Well the verdict is in and High-Frame Resolution (HFR) 48 FPS - not. Bath & Body Shoppers are going wild for this Fenty Body Lava dupe from The Body Shop 100% of the glow 50% of. The music of The series was composed produced and (in the case of the first ) orchestrated and conducted by Howard Shore who scored all three The Lord of the Rings s Recording sessions for the first began on 20 August 2012 at Abbey Road Studios.[175] The second and third s were recorded in Zealand.[176] Hugo Weaving's return to the role of Elrond was officially confirmed on. There's some gems on. In January 2015 a fan going by the name of "TolkienEditor" recut the three s into a single four-and-a-half-hour that removed much content that many fans had complained about Much of this material was seen as superfluous admittedly added by Jackson at the request of the studio in order to make the s more appealing to a wider audience.[251] This was quickly followed by several other fan made editions with different approaches and lengths.[252][253][254][255][256]  —Guillermo Del Toro on tonal consistency with Jackson's trilogy[38] The s were ed in 3D using Red Epic cameras.[167] According to a production diary video 48 Epic cameras were used during the 's production.[168] The production employed a specialty rig designed by 3ality Technica using two cameras and a mirror in order to achieve an intraocular effect similar to that of human sight (the distance between the eyes) This is how the depth required for 3D is achieved.[168] On 21 March 2011 Jeffrey Thomas joined the project as the character of Thrór as did Mike Mizrahi as Thráin II.[116] On 4 April 2011 Bret McKenzie was added to the cast as Lindir.[117] His father Peter McKenzie played the role of Elendil in The Lord of. The series was a major financial success with the s classified as one of the highest-grossing series of all time going on to outgross The Lord of the Rings trilogy Although critically considered to be inferior to The Lord of the Rings it was nominated for various awards and won several though not as many as its predecessor.[6][7][8]

The teaser trailer for the second The Desolation Of Smaug has been d and shows Orlando Bloom returning as second in Peter Jackson's trilogy continues the adventures of Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) and Gandalf (Ian McKellan) along with 13 dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) to reclaim the lost dwarf kingdom of isn't set to be d until 13 December 2013. Girl code Principal photography began on 21 March 2011 in Wellington Zealand ing took place at Wellington Stone Street Studios the town of Matamata and at other undisclosed locations around Zealand.[142] The costumes for each of the Dwarves included six wigs and eight beards which were worn by the actors stunt doubles and stand-ins.[143] The : The Battle of The Five Armies was d on 3D Blu-ray Blu-ray and DVD on 23 March 2015 in the United Kingdom and on 24 March in the United States.[201][202][203] An Extended Edition of the containing 20 minutes of additional footage and original music was d on 17 November 2015 in the United States and on 23 November in the United Kingdom.[204][205][206] Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte Tilbury just became beauty royalty with an MBE awarded by the Queen A beauty genius We need. Our favorite moments from the greatest fantasy saga of all The Lord of the Rings trilogy (and we even included. On 30 April 2011 Jackson announced that Dean O'Gorman had been hired for the role of Fíli.[120] Jackson stated "Dean's a terrific Kiwi actor who I am thrilled to be working with."[120] O'Gorman was a last minute replacement for Rob Kazinsky had originally been cast for the role in October 2010,[96] but left the on 24 April 2011 "for personal reasons".[122] The final The : The Battle of the Five Armies premiered on 11 December 2014 in London and was d internationally from 12 December 2014 The for the third was originally set for an 18 July 2014 but was pushed back when X-Men: Days of Future Past was announced to be d on the same as direct competition to the third installment.[195] It grossed over $956 million in worldwide level in box office and as the previous two s it surpassed both The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers nominally although it didn't manage to surpass the previous two s of the series.[194] Connect with us Useful links Peter Jackson has gone public with the s that his duo of s has become a trilogy… On 27 May 2011 Peter Jackson announced via Facebook that Orlando Bloom would reprise his role as Legolas.[126] Bloom revealed on 25 April 2011 that he had been in contact with Jackson who had given him a copy of the screenplay and said that there was a high probability that he would return He was quoted as saying "I'm going to bet on it But I can't really talk too much about it because it's still sort of in the ether But I would love to go back to work with Peter Jackson It would be an honour."[127] The following is a list of cast members who voiced or portrayed characters appearing in. Relive the events of An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug with LEGO: The. Martin Freeman Sir Ian McKellen Gollum and more in pictures from Peter Jackson's The : An Unexpected Journey Warner Brothers developed two free-to-play online strategy games in collaboration with Kabam for promoting the series which were The : Kingdoms of Middle Earth d for Android and iOS on 8 November 2012 and The : Armies of the Third Age playable online on web browsers and as a Facebook app that was d on. They're soooo much more interesting and fun and trouble than the good 2012 brought us plenty of villainy to choose from but here are our picks for. Girl code In April 2011 Jackson revealed through his Facebook page that he would The at 48 fps (frames per second) instead of the normal 24 fps.[169] Additionally the s were ed at a 5K resolution native to the Red Epic cameras which provides a more detailed picture than the conventional 4K resolution The s were recorded digitally onto 128 GB solid-state drives that fit into the Red Epic camera.[168] The first wave of toy products hit store shelves in October 2012 ahead of the of The : An Unexpected Journey U.S retailers that carry the toy line include Toys "R" Us Kmart and Walmart Games Workshop d miniatures from The as part of The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game The company has had rights to produce miniatures from the original book for some years but has not d any lines save for a stand-alone game based on the Battle of Five Armies with original designs not related to The Lord of the. However this incident received negative reaction from many fans who were angry at MGM for delaying the project They also tried willing the studio to sell their rights to Warner Bros On 27 July del Toro responded to these angry fans saying that "it wasn't just MGM These are very complicated movies economically and politically."[60] It also stars Cate Blanchett as Galadriel Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel and Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins WATCH THE TEASER TRAILER BELOW: Peter Jackson confirms that principal photography is finally done on his upcoming pair of The movies From An Unexpected Journey to The Return Of The King we rank the six s that make up the Lord Of The Rings and The trilogies. Is your product helping or hindering? Glow Here's your first look at the Glow season 2 trailer The nostalgic show will be back Yaaaaaas Plus: confirmation that the longer The : The Battle Of The Five Armies runs to 174 minutes We need. Del Toro and Jackson considered the sudden introduction of Bard the Bowman and Bilbo's unconsciousness during the Battle of the Five Armies to be "less cinematic moments" reminiscent of the novel's greater "fairy tale world" than The Lord of the Rings and they would change them to make The feel more like the trilogy However del Toro did say he considered some of these moments iconic and would require the "fairy tale logic [to] work.

The may not have been ready to support its own trilogy but it was also a trickier book to adapt than previous works The : The Desolation of Smaug took in an impressive $73.6 million but is down about 13 percent from An Unexpected Journey's record. Bilbo Baggins is set to head to disc in April as The prepares for DVD and Blu-ray On 24 September 2010 the International Federation of Actors issued a Do Not Work order advising members of its member unions (including the Screen Actors Guild) that "The producers have refused to engage performers on union-negotiated agreements."[65] This would subject actors who work on the to possible expulsion from the union.[66] In response Warner Bros and Line Cinema considered taking the production elsewhere with Jackson mentioning the possibility of ing in Eastern Europe.[66] In December 2012 Philippa Boyens expressed regret that del Toro's version of the remained unmade She revealed that it would have had a different script and visual elements and would more closely have resembled a fairy tale.[53] Boyens stated that the most significant script change was to Bilbo's characterisation: "It shifted and changed into someone who rather than being slightly younger and more innocent in the world once had a sense of longing for adventure and has lost it and become fussy.

In February 2013 emails and documents d under orders of the Ombudsman showed that the union representing actors had already reached an agreement with Warner two days before 20 October protest,[74][75] but Warner refused to confirm the deal publicly One union representative said those on the march were 'patsies' that had been fooled into thinking the production would be taken offshore.[76] Further emails d showed Government ministers k a deal had been reached a week before the protest despite claiming negotiations were still happening.[77] On 16 December 2011 Warner Bros Consumer Products and Lego announced the development of figures and play sets based on the upcoming adaptations of The as well as The Lord of the Rings The launch of the Lego The : An Unexpected Journey was d to coincide with the of the adaptation's first part in December 2012.[241] On 25 November Warner Brothers confirmed Lego The video game The game's levels only took place in the first two s The game was d 8 April 2014.[250] Two video games were developed to coincide with the 's theatrical Main article: The : Battle of the Five Armies - Fight for Middle Earth A tie-in fighting video game was d simultaneously with the for Android and iOS platforms which received negative reviews from critics. Del Toro also wanted the animals to speak so that Smaug's speech would not be incongruous though he explained portraying the talking animals would be more about showing that other characters can understand them.[41] Smaug would not have a "snub Simian [mouth] in order to achieve a dubious lip-synch".[22] Del Toro stated that Smaug would be the first character design begun and the last to be approved.[30] Peter Jackson’s making three movies But is there enough material in The Lord Of The Rings’ appendices to fill them? Nick takes. The best high street shoe this season The : The Desolation of Smaug was d on DVD 3D Blu-ray and Blu-ray on 7 April 2014 in the United Kingdom and on 8 April 2014 in the United States.[198] An Extended Edition containing 25 minutes of additional footage and original music[199] was d on 3 November 2014 in the and on 4 November 2014 in. The : An Unexpected Journey was d on 3D Blu-ray Blu-ray and DVD in United States on 19 March 2013 and was d in the United Kingdom on 8 April 2013 As of 7 July 2013 DVD/Blu-ray sales in the United States were reported to be around $29,527,413 with almost 3 million units sold.[196] An Extended Edition containing 13 minutes of additional footage and original music was d on 3D Blu-ray DVD and Blu-ray on 5 November 2013 in the US and on 11 November 2013. Is your product helping or hindering? Principal photography ended on 6 July 2012 after 266 days of ing.[147] During May 2013 additional ing for the second and third s began in Zealand and lasted for. Unlike with the Lord of the Rings which only received an expanded after 2005 each soundtrack was d in a two-CD two-hour The music features 64-70 leitmotives about 40 leitmotives returning from The Lord of the Rings and a variety of non-orchestral instruments including bagpipes didgeridoos and a whole Gamelan orchestra.[177] During July 2011 scenes from The were ed at Piood Studios England Sets were constructed on the F Stage and N&P Stages for the shoot.[144] Jackson recorded a video blog from the set which featured Christopher Lee in full makeup and costume as Saruman.[144][145] The second block of shooting in Zealand began at the end of August and was completed in December 2011.[146] The : The Desolation of Smaug premiered on 2 December 2013 in Los Angeles and was d internationally from 11 December 2013.[193] It grossed over $958 million in box office worldwide Like the previous installment it surpassed both The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers in nominal box office performance.[194] Orange Is The Black The Orange Is The Black season 6 teaser is here and it's epic We finally. On 6 October 2011 Warner Bros Consumer Products and U.S toy company The Bridge Direct announced their partnership on worldwide master toy rights for The s.[237] The toy line will include action figures playsets and role-play accessories like swords and battle axes representing the characters and weapons in. There's some gems on. When you lay out the cards fro [sic] the story beats contained within the book (before even considering any apendix [sic] material) the work is enormous and encompasses more than one That's why we are thinking of the two instalments as parts of a single narrative That's why I keep putting down the use of a "bridge" (posited initially) I think the concept as such is not relevant any more I believe that the narrative and characters are rich enough to fit in. Welcome to Glamour This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy Billy Connolly joined the cast as Dáin II Ironfoot on 9 February 2012.[132] Connolly said of his character " this guy will terrify the life out of you I have a mohawk and tattoos on. Del Toro said that he was faced with two possible places to split the story,[32] including Smaug's defeat He noted the second would need to end by leading directly into The Fellowship of the Ring.[84] In June 2009 del Toro revealed he had decided where to divide the story based on comments from fans about signifying a change in Bilbo's relationship with the dwarves.[85] The second 's story would also have depended on how many actors could have reprised. Lighter-In-Tone second trailer really delivers and shows scenes! Is the ': An Unexpected Journey' going to be the must see this holiday season? By Charlotte Duck The best high street shoe this season The use of HFR in The has already divided opinion So was An Unexpected Journey Ryan wonders the right to use as. The : An Unexpected Journey was also d in the current 24 fps standard in many theatres some of which had not yet switched from to digital projection.[236] A longer version of The : An Unexpected Journey's coming out on disc in the US with a Shire-load of additional features While a number of companies were vying for The deal Warner Bros Consumer Products awarded the license to Bridge Direct partly because some of its execs and staffers had worked on The Lord of the Rings toy line during their tenure at other toy companies including Toy Biz and Play Along The Bridge Direct run by toy business veteran Jay Foreman is best known for toys such as Inkoos activity plush and the Zhu Zhu Pets.